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Meet The Team:

Troy Webster

Owner, Frontman Extraordinaire

Troy has vast experience in providing a high end product as a previous owner of a boutique landscaping company. He worked with landscape designs and installations that often surpassed the price of an average single family home.

He is aware of proper protocols and the requirements needed to make clients at ease, and ultimately fulfill their specifications. Troy’s also a pretty cool dude.


Ingrid Webster

Owner, Typical Artist

In addition to her jewelry knowledge, Ingrid has a strong background in art/design. She has worked in print preparation and logo design, and she is an accomplished hobby artist.

Although always friendly to others, her forte is creativity rather than socializing.


Judith Lauro

VP Marketing, Client Whisperer

Perfecting the trio is Judith and her pragmatic side, and with her constructive criticism. She is our beacon and guiding light. We adore her for that, and you can rest assured that she will treat you with the integrity you deserve.

You just have to meet and appreciate her.


How It All Began…
Polo Promoters LLC was established by a husband and wife team, on Mother’s Day of 2022.
Troy and Ingrid Webster have been avid fans of POLO for over three decades.
In June of 2022, Judith Lauro came on board, bringing with her an extensive career in marketing. Judith has also been a tailgating partner at IPC for many years, so Polo is a part of her life too.
Troy is fond of socializing during games, while he remains passionate about the sport. He has built and maintained many friendships over the years, and they have mostly resulted in bringing more people to love and enjoy watching polo.
Ingrid is usually content to “hide” behind the camera, and she gets great pleasure from downloading and sorting all the photos during the following days.
We are proud to say that Judith is an integral part of the Polo Crew. She is the person to talk to if you are looking to elevate your brand to the next level.

Mission Statement

Making the sport of POLO more popular at home and beyond.

Polo Players like playing in front of a large audience. They need the support of spectators to bring out their highest motivation and best performance. Our goal is to bring fans to the game, for a win/win situation: the athletes have support while the audience enjoys the game.

At the same time, we wish to educate new fans about the game, with some background info and everything else there is to know about watching polo. That way, they can appreciate the sport and hopefully become lifetime polo fans.

You can only appreciate what you know. To bring people to Polo, we bring Polo to the people.


Our Story

Looking back at a great number of polo matches, we can honestly say that they have helped see us through the years. Ups and downs, joy and sadness. Especially once our son left for college, there was a void to be filled. So we went fieldside more often than ever, spending time with good friends.

The best aspect about watching polo is being outdoors, in nature, amid beautiful surroundings. It is here where we can forget about the everyday hustle and bustle. A perfect way to recharge our batteries. Magnificent horses, superb players and hard working staff do their part to make this sport a spectacular event to watch. Of course none of it would be possible were it not for club owners and team patrons. A warm ‘Thank You’ goes to all of them.

Ingrid had been taking pictures for many years, but most recently it has become almost an obsession after the COVID lockdown. Holding onto memories. Of course once you have say, 60,000 photos or so, it’s hard to keep them to yourself. So we decided to create a website/blog and a facebook group, where we could share the pictures and the joy of being a POLO FAN. You always get a more gratifying experience when you can share an event and its pictures among others. It’s like with any other sport. Or could you imagine sitting in a football stadium and not ever talking to someone else about the game?

So “Polo in Wellington” was born. It was in March of 2022.

But then we noticed more and more, how many people had NEVER been to a polo game. Even people who lived in Wellington, or in Palm Beach County, often for their entire lives.

When asking some of those, we found out that there was some sort of a barrier. A misconception, perhaps. And being insecure about when, where and how to watch.

This is when we decided to do something about it. Helping people get over that threshold. Creating a guide that’s EASY to navigate and hold useful, accurate information for newbies.

Of course all the major clubs do their share of advertising. But we wanted to help specifically those people, who had not been fieldside before. And make things easier for established spectators too.

The idea of the FAN HANDBOOK took shape. And it was only the beginning, because it didn’t take long for Judith to join the Polo Promoters Family. We are proud to have her on board.


What we’re all about

Making clients happy is our mantra.

We each come from the service industry and have owned businesses in our respective field of expertise. Troy as a landscape designer and with a long-time installation/build business, catering to builders of upscale custom or spec homes. Ingrid had been servicing fine jewelers as a pearl expert, doing trade work evaluating, designing and repairing pearl and bead jewelry. Judith of course brings many years of mutually beneficial customer relationships to the table. She is well liked by her clientele, and she is known to be an honest, straight forward contact person.

By now, we know very well what customer service means for a business or the individual. We know how to render it. We are thorough and particular, when it comes to client’s projects.
It doesn’t end here, though. What is close to our hearts is the commitment to community. Helping where we can, recognizing that nobody is in this world alone. We love helping charitable causes and support organizations who do good in our county and beyond.
Deeply Committed


Polo Promoters LLC is the first time we own a business together. That fact alone was deserving of a comprehensive soul searching, before we decided to go forward and forge our new path. In the end, it was not a difficult decision.

Promoting what we truly love, is shall we say “easy peasy”.

After all, we both are at a stage of our lives where we know our strengths or weaknesses, where we know how to mostly avoid pitfalls, and surpass obstacles instead.

We look forward to working with you to identify and fill your needs!


Left to right: Ingrid and Troy Webster on assignment at the Gay Polo League’s event. Photo by Alan Fabricant




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About the featured photo…

They are definitely horses of a different color. A little bit fitting for this page, 😀 

This photo was taken in March 6 of 2022 at Grand Champions Polo Club in Wellington, Florida. An intermission show by the “One Armed Bandit”, this talented animal trainer had left everybody with memories of a sweet presentation.

Thank You Mark and Melissa Ganzi, for caring about your fans, and Thank You World Polo League!