Checklist: How Does Your Marketing Sequence Perform?


Who is Your Ideal Client?

Median Age: 41.2

Median Household Income: $92,586

Median Property Value: $382,000

Wellington Population: 64,396

Palm Beach County Population: 1,500.000


Our fan base = your perfect client



Where is Your Best Spot to Be Seen?

In a place that lasts all year

Multiple times by the same visitor

During live social events

In a social group where members are engaged in conversation

We have your best possible place to be seen



What Does Your Good Name Mean?

Community engagement

Word of mouth recommendations (yes, they still work)

Synonymous with a quality product or service

A brand that people look up to

We’ll help shine the spotlight on your business



How Can You Get Repeat Business?

By building trust

By demonstrating longevity

When being seen in relevant places over and over again

By keeping promises

By honoring your warranty

By thanking your customers for their business

We are perfect ambassadors for your business


Introducing: the Inaugural FAN HANDBOOK

by Polo in Wellington

We speak your language.