Wellington, Florida, is the epicenter for all of Polo in the United States.

The USPA, which is Polo’s official governing organization, is located right here, close to the Polo clubs in Wellington. Players come from all over the world to play here: from Argentina, the United Kingdom, Dubai and many other countries.

The FAN HANDBOOK is a valuable resource to the thousands of fans who enjoy the game. It is a yearly publication distributed in December, just prior to the high season of Polo.


POLO in Wellington

Contact: Judith Lauro, (561) 635-3813, jlauro@polopromoters.com


A Place for Memories!

The Autograph Book is a lifetime souvenir from the games.


As the ONLY advertiser in this book, you get:

• Your business name or logo on the front cover

• Your full page color ad on the back cover



Rate Card for FAN HANDBOOK
#100 001Double Page8.5″ x 11″Side by side$4,295
#100 002Full Page5.5″ x 8.5″Back Cover$3,450SOLD
#100 003Full Page5.5″ x 8.5″Inside Back$3,350
#100 004Full Page5.5″ x 8.5″Inside Front L$2,550
#100 005Full Page5.5″ x 8.5″Inside Front R$2,550
#100 006Full Page5.5″ x 8.5″Inside$2,295
#100 007Full Page5″ x 7 1/8″Contained$2,195
#100 008Half Page5″ x 3 7/16″Horizontal$1,395
#100 009Half Page2 6/8″ x 7 1/8″Vertical$1,395
#100 0101/3 Page5″ x 2 1/4″ Inside$1,150
#100 0111/4 Page2 3/8″ x 3 7/16″ Inside$895
#100 012Classified Ad2 1/2″ x 1 1/4″B/W$395


Autograph Books
#300 001100 piecesexclusive advertiserfull page, back cover$6.50 each$650
#300 002250 piecesexclusive advertiserfull page, back cover$4.50 each$1,125
#300 003500 piecesexclusive advertiserfull page, back cover$3.75 each$1,875
#300 0041,000 piecesexclusive advertiserfull page, back cover$3.35 each$3,350
#300 0052,500 piecesexclusive advertiserfull page, back cover$3.05 each$7,625
#300 0065,000 piecesexclusive advertiserfull page, back cover$2.75 each$13,750


Event Sponsorships 2022
#400 001Polo MixerWednesdayOctober 5Location: TBA$200
#400 002Polo MixerWednesdayOctober 12Location: TBA$200
#400 003Polo MixerWednesdayOctober 19Location: TBA$200
#400 004Polo MixerWednesdayOctober 26Location: TBA$200
#400 005Polo MixerWednesdayNovember 2Location: TBA$200
#400 006Polo MixerWednesdayNovember 9Location: TBA$250
#400 007Polo MixerWednesdayNovember 16Location: TBA$250
#400 008Polo MixerWednesdayNovember 30Location: TBA$250
#400 009Polo MixerWednesdayDecember 7Location: TBA$250
#400 010Polo MixerWednesdayDecember 14Location: TBA$250
#400 011Polo MixerWednesdayDecember 21Location: TBA$350
#400 012Polo MixerWednesdayDecember 28Location: TBA$350

Events include Happy Hour pricing for guests, and/or FREE appetizers.

Your ad message will be visible on flyers throughout the event, where you will be announced as sponsor. You will also get announcements during the invitational process. Optional: you may supply collateral material for each attendee at no extra charge.

After the event, photos will be posted on social media with your mention, as well as in a blog on our website, poloinwellington.com.


Banner Ads Online
#200 001Top Half660 x 155 pxfull year$325
#200 002Bottom Half660 x 155 pxfull year$125


POLO PROMOTERS LLC, dba. POLO in Wellington

Contact: Judith Lauro, (561) 635-3813, jlauro@polopromoters.com


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Polo has been played in Wellington continuously since 1978. There are about 120 polo fields in Wellington.

This handbook will supply all the information concerning the game, the rules, players, maps to the fields, how to purchase tickets, where to watch for free, etiquette, contests, tips for newbies, and much more.

Distribution will be throughout Palm Beach County, from Jupiter to Boca Raton. It is available to fans and visiting guests, and serves them all year long.

Circulation: 10,000 copies. This FAN HANDBOOK will also be available for viewing online.


We have built up a tremendous following on both our websites as well as multiple social platforms. There are over 50,000 photos of Polo games and related scenes available.

We provide a full year of banner ads on whichever site you choose.


At the end of a match, players are available to sign autographs for fans. Up til now, these autographs were written on scraps of paper, or whatever means available there.

Now the fans will have a book to preserve these autographs and compete with their friends in obtaining the best autographs per season.

This book includes your business name on the front cover, and your full page ad in color on the back cover. You may order any quantity you wish, from 100 to 5,000.

Other businesses may sponsor books at the same time, but each book is exclusive to one advertiser.


We hold social events and mixers for fans of Polo at various venues in Palm Beach County. There is a limit of three sponsorship opportunities per event.


POLO PROMOTERS LLC, dba. POLO in Wellington

6451 Birch Ln., Lantana, FL 33462

Contact: Judith Lauro, (561) 635-3813, jlauro@polopromoters.com