Permission to use Your Farm or Club Info

Polo is a spectator sport.

To bring more people to the game, there must be accurate information for visitors. For example where to go, and what to expect.

Above all, it’s important to keep your property protected and in good condition.

Please help us make it easy for fans to watch Polo!


This phone number is for internal use only, so we may contact you in case of emergency.
This is the phone number that will appear in the handbook, for the general public.
We will not publish or share your email
Please provide special directions if your entrance is hidden from a main road, or if you wish to use a specific gate for entry.
We will not share your gate code openly, unless we have your explicit permission. But people should be able to go and enjoy the game. If you have a match that is open to the public, is there a gate code you can set, so that new visitors may enter for the day? Any other options?
Describe where you would like visitors to park. We want to protect your property and we respect restricted parking for players or officials.
Is there a specific area where you would like people to go? Any restrictions?
In our Fan Handbook, we remind people to obey leash laws, and to bring adequate shelter and water for their dogs.
In our "Tailgating 101" section in the handbook, we encourage visitors to bring plastic bags for their trash. There it is also explained that their trash should be kept contained in their vehicle, so that no paper pate or plastic bag may blow on the field.
Do guests have access to your toilets or portolets? Please describe where they are.
Are there any particular club rules you'd like to share? Our handbook will emphasize the importance of visitor etiquette and the fact that they are guests of gracious property owners. Let us make it easy to pass your house rules to our readers.
By entering your name here, you give us permission to use your information to be printed in our Fan Handbook. Please review all fields and add comments or questions, if necessary.