The Player Autograph Book

An ad message that lasts… and lasts… and lasts…

Size: 5.5″ x 8.5″

Includes: your business name on the front cover, your full page ad in color on the back cover. Front cover designs are always Polo themed, but images may vary. (Custom books are available)

Books inside are blank pages. Contains 50 sheets, or 100 pages.


100 Autograph Books$650$6.50 eachContact us >
250 Autograph Books$1,125$4.50 eachContact us >
500 Autograph Books$1,875$3.75 eachContact us >
1,000 Autograph Books$3,350$3.35 eachContact us >
2,500 Autograph Books$7,625$3.05 eachContact us >
5,000 Autograph Books$13,750$2.75 eachContact us >

All ad prices are for full page back cover in color. Applicable Sales Tax not included.

You may order any quantity you wish. Other businesses may sponsor books at the same time. They will be distributed to Polo fans in the order they are processed, and while supplies last.