Just like the conductor of a Symphony Orchestra, a marketer has to play every note and every nuance perfectly to be rewarded with a great performance. Then it’s music to the audience’s ears!

There are four stages for successful marketing. Check them to see how many questions you can answer, and where you may need help with:

♦♦♦  Targeting

It’s about gaining access to a perfect fan base, locally, where it matters.

Let your local Demographics speak for themselves:

• What’s their median age?

• What’s their median income?

• What is the median property value?

• What is their overall education level?

• How active is their social media usage?


♦♦♦  Exposure

Show the world that you exist. Make it significant, impactful and lasting!

Do you have:

• Longevity of your print ad publication, that goes beyond one month?

• Exposure in local publications that circulate in high numbers?

• Ads in publications specifically addressing your prospective guests?

• A dedicated social media expert?

• A large enough pool of social media followers?

• Abundant interaction from your posts?


♦♦♦  Branding

Here is where your good name comes in. Make it SHINE! That’s why of course, you’ll want to perform to the highest standards.

Have you:

• Conducted an opinion poll?

• Conducted a performance poll?

• Responded to social media posts in a timely manner?

• Do you give reliable and pertinent information to event visitors?

• What do you currently do, to reach your audience?


♦♦♦  Aftercare

Most businesses have a hard time acknowledging this important component. Don’t let its neglect ruin all your marketing efforts!

Answer to yourself:

• Do you have a strategy to make buyers come back?

• What do you do to help them remember your brand?

• Do you have a vast, functioning email list?

• How many people do you invite for special offers or events?

• Do you thank them for reading/responding/showing up?

• Do you post photos from your products/services/events on relevant online platforms?

• How are your customers being recognized?

• Does your strategy give you the numbers you need?


♦♦♦  We can help:

• Consulting, planning, feasibility study.

• Social media analytics, strategy, posting. Creating and maintaining discussion groups.

• Print display ads in a publication that stays relevant ALL YEAR LONG!

• Year round sponsored social events

• Blogs featuring your business

• Press releases announcing your sponsorship



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